Jeff Olson

Ever since Jeffrey confiscated that lump of lava from Liliuokalani's island..... life has NOT been the same.  Luckily at an early age his artistic talents were pimped out drawing horses in charcoal for classmates.   Since then, he has been totally obsessed with his own mane despite several mom-induced Ogilvie home perms, even parading it around the Barbizon School of Modeling, the only program where he did NOT earn a degree -  of humility!  

When he isn't galavanting around in a speedo or passing gas for dollars as an anesthesiologist,  Jeffrey enjoys babytalk, gourmet DingDongs and Spanish Colonial architecture- especially the racks!   He fancies himself a male mix of Marilyn, Ann-Margret Olsson, and Cameron Diaz - only with fuller muscle bellies - and better hair products.  Oh!!! two equine sketches -  get a vial of Propofol - FREE!!!!  Limited quantities apply.

Jeff (Bam Bam) Olson can be reached at his website.