Johanna McKay

With her autoharp tuned, and a repertoire of Nova Scotian folk songs under her belt, Johanna McKay moved to Hollywood assured that it would get her "in the door" (alas, it was the door of the bus station where she played for change by the men's room).

Her acting talents, and private obsession with online dating sites, landed her the role of  “the bad date” in an eHarmony commercial.  In real life, her plethora of profiles recently won her the honor of Ms. Speed Dater 2010, and is now developing for the stage her one woman show: Two Mr. Wrongs Don't Make a Mr. Right.

Johanna spends her time drinking, teaching children how to speak in iambic pentameter, and blowing bubbles in the bathtub with her cat, Mitzi.

For a good time, or, seeking a single and saucy autoharpist with an adoration for water-trained  cats, call now.