Kelly Dennis

Born with an enlarged funnybone, Kelly has used her humorous handicap to entertain mainly herself , the homeless, and innocent  children who simply don’t know any better. The wannabe Tina Fey of the  Some Comedy Thing  nonsemble,  she writes, produces , directs and  acts …all without a net.  Her current goals are: to have the site nominated for a Webby, to successfully suck a lemon without wincing, and to bring the legend of the laundry Sock-Monster to the big screen.

A certified Script-Doctor,  Kelly truly believes that laughter is the best medicine, and prescribes a daily dose of Some Comedy Thing.  View only as directed. Side effects may include severe giggling, uncontrollable chuckling and sweating profusely. For guffaws lasting more than four hours, stop watching Some Comedy Thing, and call a plumber.

To contact Kelly, try  visiting hours at  the Asylum for the Minimally Insane, or

Kelly's creative alter ego is that of marketing hero. Cape included.